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C3 Financial Strategies | Thousand Oaks, Southern California| Financial Planning, Investment and Retirement Planning

Financial success is entirely possible when your choice, courage and commitment intersect.

C3 Financial Strategies provides a back-to-basics, simplistic approach to Financial Planning and Investment Management.

Making your money work for you.

Everyone needs financial education.

Ever wish you could bring that big box of financial stuff into the office and yell help? Have you saved enough? Will your investments adequately provide for a home, college education or retirement? What is your planning number? We all lead busy lives and after meeting the demands of the day often have little time or energy left to maintain our financial planning efforts.

Hi, we are C3 Financial Strategies.

And we are the founders of C3 Financial Strategies. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm C3 Financial Strategies believes in being a contributing team member while partnering with the other professionals in your life to secure an improved state of financial well-being.
C3 is prepared to assist by:

I think there is something more important than believing: Action! The world is full of dreamers, there aren't enough who will move ahead and beging to take concrete steps to actualize their vision.