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Financial Services - C3 Financial Strategies


A comprehensive financial plan is much more robust than investing in an account and hoping for the best. This is where we have the courage to change and choose to commit to achieving your goals. C3 Financial Strategies can be your partner in helping you to develop a path to financial well-being. We will work together to address your unique objectives one step at a time.

C3 Financial Strategies Can Help You With

Investment Management

A diversified investment approach to wealth accumulation; ask about the difference between long term investing and performance chasing.

Financial Planning

We offer customized plans to meet your financial objectives. Are you saving for a first home, college education or a well-deserved retirement? Planning success lies in maintaining alignment to your goals.

Crisis Management

Have you recently lost a loved one and are attempting to settle an estate? Are you trying to handle a complex medical situation and the bills are piling up? Are you in the middle of a financial crisis and don’t know how to find a solution? Or is it a perfect storm and your financial security is facing all three threats? It is not an easy time, and this is probably the last thing you want to deal with right now. We have helped many clients to work through a process that makes a seemingly impossible task manageable. Our clients have achieved a great deal of success when we have helped to capture, organize and prioritize tasks that must be completed. Many people end up dealing with at least one of these situations in their lifetime. Are you too emotionally involved in the situation? You are not alone. We can and will advocate for you.

Life Insurance

Insurance is not an investment as much as it is a tool used to manage risk. If you have family that depends on you financially, why not transfer some risk to the insurance company? Rest assured that your loved ones will be protected in their greatest time of need.

Social Security Planning

This is the only pension many seniors will receive. Social Security offers many benefits; individual, spousal, divorced spousal, disability and survivors. The difference between the earliest dollars available and your primary strategy can be substantial. Don’t you want the most dollars available?

Medicare Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance

Most cannot afford to self-insure against unpredictable medical expenses. Increased longevity and adequately funding your retirement is also a concern. There are several options available to address future Long Term Care needs.

Retirement Income Planning

Let us help you reduce taxes and lengthen the life of your retirement nest egg. Strategic retirement funding distribution plans are developed with your Social Security, Medicare, income tax thresholds and RMDs all taken into consideration.

Here is a brief overview of the areas of interest we will address together:

Stage 1: Vision and Definition

The answers to those questions are as unique as each individual. Our process begins by collecting client information and identifying goals and objectives of importance to you. Are you working on debt reduction, buying a home, saving for college, funding retirement or building wealth for another purpose?

Stage 2: Current State Assessment

It is important to determine investment suitability in consideration of goals and objectives while remaining realistic about market returns. At this point in the process we’re evaluating your current investment inventory. We will be reviewing all of your important documents. We will be assessing and determining your tolerance for risk.

Stage 3: Improvement

This is where we develop a plan of action and improve your current state. Maybe it’s time to update beneficiary forms, create estate documentation or address investment performance. Possibly we need to adjust insurance coverage to ensure all those years spent saving are not taken away by one catastrophic event. Perhaps it’s necessary to make funeral arrangements, address final expenses and file for survivor benefits.

Stage 4: Maintenance Review

Our lives change over the years, as do our goals. What was of critical importance in our early adult years is a distant memory by the time we’re approaching retirement with many stops in between. We may be updating forms for additional family members, increasing IRA contributions, considering Social Security benefit strategies or developing retirement income strategies.

C3 Financial Strategies is happy to assist while working through this process one manageable step at a time. The key to success will be found in a comprehensive plan that targets your uniquely defined picture of financial health and well-being.

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